About Joan


In 1995 I experienced love beyond words. Then the best name was Pure Love; I now call it Soul-Centered-Love.  My mother who had been a rageaholic was dying and bed bound, hardly able to speak. Grace happened: she let go of all rage and began radiating unconditional love. All of my defenses melted. Others felt it and were drawn to sit by her bedside – not to comfort her or me — but simply to be in the presence of this love. The experience was exquisite.

The time bathed in this unconditional love was life changing and a mystery.  I became curious and asked: Is that kind of love possible when death is not knocking at the door? If so, how can I access it again? How might I share it with others?  The search has led me to an understanding of Soul-Centered Love.

Now my work is devoted to coaching people who seek more fulfilling relationships with self, Spirit, friends, family, and an intimate partner. I offer you what I have learned and lived personally and professionally so that you can:

  • Create the loving relationships we all yearn for — the connections that make us fully human, the connections that call forth the best of us.
  • Discover ways of creating the life that nurtures, reveals, and fulfills your soul’s desires.

I see and live possibilities others may not dare to dream.  I facilitate people and groups to go beyond their imagined limitations and live more expanded and rewarding lives and relationships.  My work relies on intuition and guidance from Spirit to make the best use of my knowledge.

I am a born teacher/learner and have taught in a two-room schoolhouse, graduate schools, and have consulted with organizations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  My doctorate is in counseling psychology from the University of Massachusetts.  I taught in two universities, University of Illinois in Springfield and University of Connecticut.  Once I was approved for tenure in 1981, I left academia and devoted full time to coaching, writing, and consulting with organizations.

 Joan’s beliefs: Love Expands and Frees Us

The Love described is not an ephemeral emotion, it is a state of well being and connectedness at an expanded soul level. It requires an awakened, generous, and connecting heart. It is a choice to connect energetically with self, Spirit, others or an intimate partner. When we expand our capacity to love, we increase our flow of energy and information.  When we love wholeheartedly, we increase our sense of connectedness; we are more resilient and know we are not alone in the universe.

I Believe that when we feel loved, lovable and loving:

  • We dare to risk doing what our hearts and souls ask of us.
  • We connect:
    • With others in more meaningful and satisfying ways
    • With our inner wisdom and guidance
    • With Spirit and multiple dimensions of reality
  • We live more courageous lives, fear is less of an interference.
  • We expand our perceptions; we recognize what is possible, our options, and resources.
  • We radiate a vibration of peace and add to the consciousness of this planet.

Contact Joan to learn more about Soul-Centered Love.  Type “Soul Centered Love” in message box.