Soul-Centered Relationships

What is a Soul-Centered Relationship? 

If you are in a relationship where you and your partner:

o   Consciously choose the most loving actions or responses

o   Are filled with gratitude and joy

o   Trust each other and your self to explore new possibilities and expand your lives

o   Honor your intuition and use it to understand and connect with partner

o   Connect intimately and know you are safe being vulnerable

o   Assume you are loved and interpret your partner’s actions in that way

o   Attend to the degree of connection and flow-of-love and look at yourself when the flow is constricted

o   At peace with yourself and each other – most of the time

THEN You are likely in a Soul Centered Relationship

It is easier to understand Soul Centered Relationships when we differentiate between soul and ego or personality perspectives. Too often the ego sees the world as a dangerous place and its job is to protect us by being in control. It is fear based and searches for potential threats.  It restricts us; warns us not to risk.  Generally, it is constricting, the opposite of a soul-centered relationship, which is satisfying, expansive, and intimate.

 A Soul-Centered Relationship is a soul/love saturated Relationship

We humans need personalities and our egos are often helpful navigating this world we live in.  However, a soul-saturated personality, is driven by soul/heart/love and not fear of the ego.  The degree of saturation varies depending on a number of factors. If we are conscious we notice when the balance tips toward ego and adjust. We live a conscious life filled with love, satisfaction and ability to make the most of this gift of life and relationship we are given. We live a conscious life filled with love, satisfaction and ability to make the most of this gift of life and relationship we are given.  Soul-Centered Relationships can be with self, Spirit, others or an intimate partner.



  • Peace 
  • Free to be Authentic
  •  Aware/Conscious of own desires and feelings and other’s behavior,
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Trust and magnetize positive life
  • More energy – the energy and attention most use to conform to society’s desired image isn’t necessary when you are authentic. 
  • Sense of safety
  • Sense of comfort in relationship: you know and feel the connection even when apart
  • Know you are loved and lovable


  • Masks
  • Too little self love
  • Attached to personality, appearances, the world as it appears (3rd dimension, reality of the senses)
  • Little awareness of self, feelings, sensations, energetic dimension,
  • Lack of trust in intuition
  • Lack of belief in loving Universe/God
  • Victim world-view
  • Fear
  • Don’t know/acknowledge own essence
  • Need to protect and defend ego




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