This was the best reading I’ve ever had.  Joan tapped into my energy. It felt like deep communication and connection. Really shifted me from feeling scattered and emotional to much more accepting and calm about my separating and ending my “season” with husband of many years.

Nora C. Coach


The information was, as usual, on target and at the same time offered a more expanded way of looking at the questions I raised.
Jean M Healer and Executive


After the Intuitive Relationship Scan I feel like I can share who I am by being more of who I am. The images will stay with me.  They were visuals of something I felt but hadn’t put into words.

Deb F. Office Manager Chiropractic Office


Patricia’s testimonial: “I came away from the scan with a new spiritual practice to play with. I have reframed my life story and I am hopeful that the new version will attract my partner.

Patricia E.  Abbess Chaplaincy program


I am touched by the level of information Joan gave me. She hit it on the mark and instantly got to the core of me. Also appreciate the clear action steps for how I can use this information to step more fully into my whole self and into my bliss.

Mariam W, Interfaith minister, Sufi Dance Leader


Joan’s first sentence captured my desires and my dilemma all in one, which were: how to move forward and feel safe in intimate relationships. I felt the images she described conveyed a real grasp of my emotional life and offered a way to move forward. I have felt reenergized and more motivated to take risks around connection and friendship.

Joan P Hospice Nurse


Joan named something that I didn’t have a name for, but, that nailed what I was feeling.

Marilou B


I like concrete action steps suggested by the Scan and can do them. Now I believe I can change my life and relationships.

Carolyn S, Manager


I particularly liked that the information felt very ” close in”, addressing areas just beneath my conscious awareness and categorizing them in ways that feel immediately useful.

Mia B, nurse/healer


It was comforting for Joan to see me differently than I was seeing myself; she identified my strengths. She helped me to discern what is important action to take.

Joanne A,  Strength Trainer and Chaplain


Joan has a way of saying things that are very “hear-able”.  I guess what I really appreciate is she helped me DO SOMETHING different without making ME wrong.

Jan S., Church Administrator


Joan turned me around the first day. I’m approaching life differently and starting to see possibilities again. I am thinking about the future again.

Craig W
Having a coaching session with Joan is like having a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend. Joan’s understanding helped me articulate the frustration I had been feeling and to see things from another, more productive, perspective. It was such an organic process. I found Joan’s interventions helpful and enlightening. I am looking forward to practising my new found skills.
Ros G


Seeing Joan was more than amazing. She validated all that I had felt was in my soul and guided with such love and sincere interest. I am following that path now and it feels right.

Didi R

Testimonial from a psychologist who refers people to Joan for consultation.

Joan is very perceptive and intuitive.  She has a way of understanding who you are and translates it into all the positive you have to offer. You walk away with a new and fresh understanding and confidence in yourself and your direction.   Joan’s process works like magic! Everyone I have referred to her has had a positive experience.  It’s great!

Ralph Zieff Ph.D.


Joan has coached me through some very difficult and thorny business and personal problems. Her knowledge, support, and insight helped me move through the most difficult life challenge I have ever faced. Joan has helped me become a better leader of my business, a better husband to my wife and a better father to my children.

James Schmidt
, President,  Alexander & Schmidt


When I want us (Leadership Team) to do deep work Joan is the consultant I call.  She takes us below the surface to get to the important issues.

Ed Cormier, Retired CEO


 Joan has the ability to develop a level of trust and confidence so that it is safe for people. When you feel safe you can go places you can’t ordinarily go.

Pam L

Joan brings positive energy in the classroom, which energizes the group. Good flow.

Talia K

Joan is non-judgmental, relaxed and encourages people to express themselves. She allows people to speak their minds and she validates others points of view especially when she is not in agreement with their opinions. She created a learning environment where I came to class relaxed and with an open mind.

Chris T



 Feedback from Summit to move beyond Immobilizing Conflict

“We hired Joan Chadbourne to organize and facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry summit for a gubernatorial task force that had been appointed to work out a solution regarding a contentious merger proposal.  The summit turned out to be a decisive turning point for the task force who held diverse and passionate viewpoints on the issues.  After the summit all participants felt “heard”, were able to work more effectively together, and quickly came to consensus around a recommended course of action.”

Meg Weston, (Former) Chair of the Board of Trustees, University of Maine System. Now president of Maine Media Workshops & College


Joan gets everyone involved: no one is left out.  As Board President she brought out diverse opinions and made everyone feel safe sharing. I especially appreciate Joan’s questions. They are masterful and get to the core of a topic.   She listens and speaks authentically. People listen and respond positively.  Her facilitation skills are masterful.

Rev. Jesse James









Healing Conversations Now by Joan Chadbourne and Tony Silbert

I have 2 aging (in their 80's) parents and over the past few years there are visible, audible and physical shifts occurring with them. This book is helping me frame loving conversations with them as the life-death process is evolving. What a great gift this book is to all of us to be able to begin to understand our loved ones (be it parents, relatives, friends) by actively engaging with them through appreciative inquiry.

Thank you Joan and Tony for creating this amazing book.

Lancaster Consulting LLC

Very Informative

This book is filled with very informative tid bit story's of how people can deal with loved ones that are at the end of there lives. I found 3 of the story's that touched me personally. I feel that anybody who reads this book can learn from it and apply the experinces to there own situation. Well done Tony thanks SJW.

Heidi Green